Core Plus Fixed Income


Sub-Adviser:  Mount Vernon Associates

Firm Location:  Baltimore, Maryland

Founded:  1986

Investment Professionals:  4 professionals

Ownership:  100% Employee Owned

Product Duration: Intermediate

Average Quality: Investment Grade

Benchmark: Barclays Aggregate Index


Investment Philosophy


Mount Vernon’s investment philosophy is founded on the belief that a proper balance must exist between maturity design and sector alignment in order to create portfolios flexible enough to withstand changing market environments and provide above-average returns with reduced volatility.


Two classes of securities are used as the building blocks of the portfolio. First, high quality, short duration securities (such as Treasury notes) are purchased. Then, longer maturity securities are added (such as long-term corporate and treasury bonds) to add incremental yield to the portfolio. The Core Plus portfolio may purchase high yield securities and collateralized mortgage obligations.


The portfolio is constantly monitored utilizing yield curve analysis, credit analysis, sensitivity analysis and prepayment risk analysis in order to control risk.




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