Old Glory Large Cap Core


Sub-Adviser: Numeric Investors, LLC 

Location: Boston, Massachusetts 

Assets under Management as of December 31, 2014:  $15 Billion

Founded:  1989

Investment Professionals:  71 professionals 

Ownership:  Subsidiary of Man Group, PLC

Number of Stocks Held: 60-100 

Benchmark:  S&P 500 Index


Investment Philosophy


Numeric's investment philosophy is based on the belief that, in the aggregate, markets are efficient and real economic performance drives returns.  However, over certain time periods, markets are inefficient.  For example, stock prices fluctuate more than the underlying information set, all new significant information is not perfectly priced, and companies can manipulate reported earnings to please the market.  Specifically, Numeric attemps to exploit market inefficiencies related to security valuation, earnings momentum and earnings quality. While Numeric takes a quantitative approach to investing, fundamental underpinnings are a prerequisite for all alpha signals. 


Numeric seeks to capitalize on the aforementioned pockets of inefficiency by sytematically indentifying attractively valued securities using investment fundamentals and proven concepts of behavorial finance.  The process seeks to indentify stocks that:


        * Are attractively valued relative to their peers

        * Have positive business momentum

        * Have proven management teams that utilize conservative accounting practices

        * Investor-friendly in their use of capital

        * Enjoy favorable investor sentiment


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