Old Glory Large Cap Value


Sub-Adviser:  Carl Domino, Inc.

Location:  West Palm Beach, Florida

Assets under Management as of December 31, 2014:  $280 million

Founded:  1987

Investment Professionals:  9 professionals 

Ownership:  70% Employee Owned and 30% Owned by Outside Shareholders

Benchmark:  Russell 1000 Value Index


Investment Philosophy


Carol Domino is a value-yield manager.  They believe that yield analysis and fundamental research can identify inefficiencies that may exist in the market.  Constructing well diversified portfolios of undervalued, dividend-yielding securities provides an opportunity to exploit these inefficiencies while controlling risk. 


All of the Carl Domino portfolios have three characteristics:  they are high-quality companies, they are currently undervalued and there is a catalyst for the stock to appreciate in value.  Examples of catalysts are merger or management uncertainty, bad press and increasing business opportunity.


Carl Domino will not purchase a stock unless it is yielding 1.8% or higher.  All companies evaluated for purchase must be undervalued relative to the market, meet several measures of financial stability and display at least one catalyst that should cause the stock to appreciate.  Stocks will be targeted for sale on “good news” if their price appreciates to a point that the yield falls below 0.8%; or on “bad news” if a stocks price drops 30% from cost.




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