SMID Cap Growth Portfolios

SMID Cap Growth portfolios are managed by Conestoga Capital, an investment firm based in Wayne, Pennsylvania. Conestoga believes that investors can earn a premium return in small to mid-capitalization growth equities by identifying higher quality companies that are capable of growing through multiple business cycles with strong balance sheets and significant management ownership. They seek to take advantage of the inefficient discovery process for small and mid sizes companies and other investors' focus on near-term earnings. Click here for more information.


Large Cap Growth Portfolios

Large Cap Growth portfolios are managed by JAG Capital Management.  JAG Capital Management is an investment firm based in St. Louis, Missouri.  JAG believes that companies that post faster earnings than their peers will realize superior stock performance.  JAG seeks to own fundamentally-sound companies that have strong management teams and well-positioned product lines. Click here for more information.


Large Cap Value Portfolios

Large Cap Value portfolios are managed by Markston International LLP, an investment firm based in White Plains, New York. Markston employs an actively managed, absolute value approach focusing on long-term investments in well established companies with defining characteristics identified by the manager’s “circle of competence”. The companies sought are high-quality businesses with strong franchises, strong cash-flow generation, equity prices trading at a significant discount to what they believe to be their stock’s intrinsic value and are led by talented management teams who have a demonstrated ability to execute. Click here for more information.


Core Fixed Income Portfolios

Core Fixed Income portfolios are managed by JAG Capital Management based in St. Louis, Missouri. The overriding goal of JAG’s investment process is to identify securities that they believe exhibit the potential to provide more return for equal risk to comparable securities or provide equal return for less risk than comparable securities. They look for securities that present the best relative value based on credit and sector analysis. JAG follows a “bottom-up” approach to fixed income portfolio management. This allows them to uncover unique opportunities by analyzing the credit quality and valuation characteristics of securities and identifying the most attractive candidates for purchase. JAG strives to hold securities to maturity or call. Click here for more information.


Core Plus Fixed Income Portfolios

Core Plus Fixed Income portfolios are managed by Mount Vernon Associates based in Baltimore, Maryland. Mount Vernon’s investment philosophy is founded on the belief that a proper balance must exist between maturity design and sector alignment in order to create portfolios flexible enough to withstand changing market environments and provide above-average returns with reduced volatility. Two classes of securities are used as the building blocks of the portfolio. First, high quality, short duration securities (such as Treasury notes) are purchased. Then, longer maturity securities are added (such as long-term corporate and treasury bonds) to add incremental yield to the portfolio. Click here for more information.



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